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Give your puppy a longer active lifespan by feeding them a healthy diet. They will spend less time in the vet, saving you money over time. Also, never purchase a puppy that is less than 8 weeks old. A good breeder, such as the breeders we deal with, will never make a puppy available until after the 8 weeks, and after it has been given time to be socialized.  Another reason for waiting until the 8 week time is that liver shunts in toy breeds, especially Yorkies cannot be detected before then.


Keep your puppies as happy as they keep you

Birds should be bought from a reputable store where you

receive a health warranty covering disease.

There are diseases that

birds can have that are transmittable to other birds, as well as humans.


Our customers are welcome to visit their baby birds as they are being weaned. Just as in the wild, the baby leaves its mother. A bird bonds to the person that takes care of it after it is weaned.


When the baby bird is ready to go home with you, it has already begun the bonding process.

Bird bonding

Red cedar shaving products has been linked to health concerns in many pets. It has been linked to:

  • Degenerating the olfactory nerve

  • Inflaming the tear ducts

  • Causing respiratory distress

  • Skin irritation

We are NOT selling red cedar shaving products. Give your pet the right care it needs by choosing the right cedar shaving products that are appropriate and safe for your pets.

For your pet's safety

Get expert pet advice!


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